While I actually stumbled upon Kodaline before Seafret (see my previous post), I actually saw their music video starring another actor from Game of Thrones after I watched Seafret’s. Funny coincidence. Also, I initially clicked on the first video I saw from Kodaline because it starred Christopher Mintz-Plasse, whom you might know from Superbad or Kick-Ass, in a surprisingly heartfelt and serious role.
Alright, enough with my movie and tv show obsessions. Kodaline actually deal with a lot of similar themes as Seafret and their songs feel just as passionate. With a good amount of pain and hope, at its core they often have themes of hardships and life-changing tragedies and finally overcoming them.
Both these songs and their respective music videos are sad and wonderful and as heart-wrenching as they are, they really lighten some bad days. I also recommend listening to their songs The Answer and One Day, all of these are off their first album In A Perfect World.

The music video beneath actually has a second part that continues the story, though with the same song playing.


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