Hello world!

Okay, first post, here we go.

Yes, it’s yet another blog and no one might ever hear or care about it but hey, neither will anyone if I ever keep this all to myself.

This blog is my way to try and express what’s going on with me, write about the things that are on my mind and the things I try to deal with. I have been struggling with depression for pretty much half of my life and looking back I don’t really remember a time in my life when I haven’t been feeling lost.

So yeah, this is gonna get a little sad now and then and probably somewhat melancholic pretty much all of the time x) but I’m hoping that this blog will help me and others get better and feel less hopeless and alone all the time. Feel more. Smile more.

I also want to share the stuff that keeps me going. The things I love. Passionate and sincere music, stunning and beautiful photography (hopefully even some of my own someday, if I ever get around to actually trying). Basically, whatever I come across that I think is really cool/inspiring/amazing.
Let’s just see where this is going.