The Wanderer

He, who wanders, fares alone.

And the mistakes he makes will be his own.

And if he fails, will the failure be shared by no-one.


One day

On his shoulders and his alone

Lies the weight


One day


With empty hands

And sad, pleading eyes

And no soul by his side


At the end


Escaping Oblivion

I’ve been feeling like explaining the “why” of all this in a little more detail, since I find myself thinking about it quite a lot. Why spill your heart and soul into blogs, songs, videos, et cetera?
For one thing, it’s creative. And all talk of quality aside, it feels good to create something. Something someone else might enjoy, something that might help someone, something that might make someone not feel so alone.
Which leads me to another point. Connection. We want to connect to one another but we struggle to communicate. We long for sympathy and for someone to understand us. But it’s hard to empathize and find empathy. Because we rarely feel the same. It’s where writing and especially music comes into play. But I’m gonna write about that in another post.
Then, of course, there’s all the writings, songs, videos, and so many other things, that instill inspiration, convey knowledge and wisdom, push for something more. In a sense, all these motivations are in one way or another interconnected.
But ultimately, one that I, and I believe so many of us, so tightly hold; a thing we so desparately try to reach for, is to be known. To have, or to create that place where I can put all that I am, all I dream, all I fear, and all that I love, into something that doesn’t fall on deaf ears, that is not so carelessly overlooked, not so easily disregarded; out of sight, out of mind.
So that it can be acknowledged. And I can be true to myself; honestly be myself. I really wish it was easier. To let you know. Who I am, what I’ve been through, make you feel it; understand it. So, I can find a way; to go on from here. But it just seems so completely out of reach. I am everchanging. My thoughts rushing and turning, like waves in a storm. I’m drifting.
So I shout it out into the world, as loud as I can: All that I am, every part of my being. So that it keeps reverberating, hopefully endlessly, with the hope that it might find someone who sincerely, true-heartedly listens. Having it resonate in their heart, mind and bones.