Some albums just take a little longer til it clicks. This is a pretty extreme case.
I’ve been listening to Dredg’s “The Pariah, The Parrot, The Delusion” every once in a while for about five years now. I’ve kinda always had my two favorites “Information” and “Stamp Of Origin: Take A Look Around”, the rest was okay though it never really got my attention. And then a few days ago, listening to the album on my way home, it completely took a hold of me. It’s kind of interesting and beautiful. The album is melodic but not overloaded and it has a consistency about it like a concept album.
Maybe someone who reads this sees all that a little faster than me. My new favorite would be this song, though I also really like “Quotes”.
So, yeah, best listened to as a whole and with headphones, I guess. Hope you like it.

Yellow Angels

When you hit that dark empty space and you lose sight of any light, the melancholic and uplifting music doesn’t really seem to help much. You can’t really listen to something calm when you’re being torn apart, restless and desparate and you just wanna scream. You don’t really wanna hear that you just have to get up and get better cause you know it’s just so far out of reach at the moment, it just feels like another thing slipping away.
What does help though, is to listen to someone who’s right there with you, screaming it all out for you, finding the words for you. At least some of it…

In the darkness you need something to hold on to. Keep fighting and keep the fire burning til you see the light again.

Jake Roper

A few days back I talked a little about Vsauce and what a really cool youtube channel it is.
There are, in fact, two other Vsauce channels, one of which (Vsauce3) is hosted by Jake Roper, whose personal channel I happened to stumble across about a month ago. Overall, his videos (the few I’ve watched) feel really sincere and human, full of positivity and inspiration.
This was the first video I’ve seen from him and apart from being really sad and heart-wrenching, I think it tells a lot about his character. Have a look.

Three Chord Society

A few days ago I’d been writing about the myspace times and how they showed me all these lesser known bands with so much potential. And while it was really cool, seeing and listening to all these bands, it was at the same time pretty discouraging and just went to show how unfair it is, trying to make music with passion and stay afloat doing it.
Not only because I too had been in band for quite some time (that one actually crashed before it ever really got going…). In fact I always saw it with the band my second oldest brother has been playing in with some friends of his (who over the years also became friends of mine). For the about 13 years they exist now, they’ve always been up there with my favorite bands. Not (only) because I know these people personally, it is genuinely really awesome passionate music. And even though they made so much progress over the years, getting way out there, playing with a lot of awesome bands, putting so much work and energy into it, it’s still so hard for a band like that to keep it going.
But afterall, all these songs, all the concerts and everything around it, it’s part of me today (for the better I should add). I love this band.
[And no, I’m not gonna post one of the old, old songs that I still love and half the band inexplicably hates 😉 ]
I couldn’t decide between these two, so here are both. Hope, you like it.

Slow Motion

If you like slow motion (honestly, who doesn’t?) chances are you’re gonna like this. Besides the labcoaty mythbuster style slow motion stuff (which also is a lot of fun), this guy gives slow motion a more cinematic spin, which makes for really beautiful little films, which makes Beyond Slow Motion quite a fitting name.

For the labcoaty fun stuff, there still are the Slow Mo Guys, the British mischiefs with the most successful slow motion youtube channel.
Both channels have their own core themes but they do actually overlap quite often. Anyways, have fun!

I’m a Mess

Back when myspace was still all the rage, you didn’t have to keep looking for cool new bands, good music would actually come to you. I remember having this typed out list of my favorite bands on my profile and bands just constantly adding you, like “Hey, we saw the stuff you listen to and thought you might like our music.” And I was kind of surprised and somewhat amazed at how many great bands were out there, all over the world, that were known so little but actually made really cool music.
Destination Anywhere was one of these bands. They’ve been the soundtrack to quite a few summers, with all the roadtrips and long nights, all the messing about and all the hangovers (well, those were actually rare back then but Destination Anywhere’s Welcome to Hangover still was a lot of fun). And also, unlike a lot of the bands from back then, they’re actually still around and I still like their music a lot. This is one of my favorite songs by them.


“Hey, Vsauce! Michael here…”
If you have never heard these words before, you have definitely been missing out. One of my earliest favorite youtube channels, Vsauce has been around for quite a while. You take some science, a lot of philosophy and all the good what-ifs and you get a Vsauce episode, ranging from pretty cool and thought-provoking to seriously mind-blowing. It puts things into perspective, it explores who we are and what is going on around us, asking and following up on the fantastic questions that might just make life a whole lot more interesting. “And as always… thanks for watching.”
“How hot can it get?”
“How many things are there?”
“What if you were born in space?”
“Did the past really happen?”

It’s so hard to pick a favorite here. Really just pick any one that sounds interesting to you. It often takes on a direction you wouldn’t have thought of anyway. 🙂