“Hey, Vsauce! Michael here…”
If you have never heard these words before, you have definitely been missing out. One of my earliest favorite youtube channels, Vsauce has been around for quite a while. You take some science, a lot of philosophy and all the good what-ifs and you get a Vsauce episode, ranging from pretty cool and thought-provoking to seriously mind-blowing. It puts things into perspective, it explores who we are and what is going on around us, asking and following up on the fantastic questions that might just make life a whole lot more interesting. “And as always… thanks for watching.”
“How hot can it get?”
“How many things are there?”
“What if you were born in space?”
“Did the past really happen?”

It’s so hard to pick a favorite here. Really just pick any one that sounds interesting to you. It often takes on a direction you wouldn’t have thought of anyway. 🙂