While I actually stumbled upon Kodaline before Seafret (see my previous post), I actually saw their music video starring another actor from Game of Thrones after I watched Seafret’s. Funny coincidence. Also, I initially clicked on the first video I saw from Kodaline because it starred Christopher Mintz-Plasse, whom you might know from Superbad or Kick-Ass, in a surprisingly heartfelt and serious role.
Alright, enough with my movie and tv show obsessions. Kodaline actually deal with a lot of similar themes as Seafret and their songs feel just as passionate. With a good amount of pain and hope, at its core they often have themes of hardships and life-changing tragedies and finally overcoming them.
Both these songs and their respective music videos are sad and wonderful and as heart-wrenching as they are, they really lighten some bad days. I also recommend listening to their songs The Answer and One Day, all of these are off their first album In A Perfect World.

The music video beneath actually has a second part that continues the story, though with the same song playing.


Hey, everyone. I gotta get something off my chest that I’ve been carrying around with me for a very long time. There’s really not ever a good time or way to say it, so I’ll just get to the point:

I have depression.

I have been living with depression for a very long time and up two years ago I had not ever told a single person. I had been closing myself off emotionally for so many years, it’s become ridiculously difficult for me to talk about how I actually feel deep down inside. I simply couldn’t get myself to tell anyone and I had built up so many reasons in my head over the years why it wouldn’t be worth it anyway. All up until a point where I had to realize I was wasting my life away. I was done. I couldn’t go on like this. From there, it took some time to finally get myself to tell someone, that I was not okay and hadn’t been for a very long time. After years of struggling in silence, it was a first step.

So, this is another one I’ve been meaning to take. Because I don’t want to hide this away anymore. I’m tired of feeling dishonest every time someone asks me how I am, even when it’s just formalities.  I’m tired of it. I’m tired of feeling empty. I’m tired of feeling sick. I have to find a way to get better. I’m working on letting my guard down and I’m trying to find the strength to be honest about this. Because I don’t think I’ll make it very far if I keep myself closed off like I have. So, here it is. It is terrifying, to be honest, but I hope in the long run it will help me handle this better.

Thank you for bothering to read this.

I know, this is all a little out of the blue, so, to make sense of this whole mess, I’ll explain.

I’ll try to keep it short but it’s still gonna be a bit of a long and depressing read. Alternatively, just listen to one of the many depressing songs I like. Thanks again for having taken the time.

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Jake Roper

A few days back I talked a little about Vsauce and what a really cool youtube channel it is.
There are, in fact, two other Vsauce channels, one of which (Vsauce3) is hosted by Jake Roper, whose personal channel I happened to stumble across about a month ago. Overall, his videos (the few I’ve watched) feel really sincere and human, full of positivity and inspiration.
This was the first video I’ve seen from him and apart from being really sad and heart-wrenching, I think it tells a lot about his character. Have a look.