This song is a good example to relate why aggressive music is the way it is. I know, a lot of people don’t really understand it or just feel it’s too harsh but it’s the best and most honest way for some things to be expressed. A lot of us do feel like this and when we from time to time feel like screaming, this way,  there’s someone giving a voice to it.

Counterparts is a great band in this area, that I haven’t known about before a few weeks ago. If you like this, definitely give them a listen.

So I will pray to a God that isn’t there,
to a world that doesn’t hear, to anyone who will listen,
to keep me from becoming everything I promised myself that I would never be.
I do not deserve this.



Beartooth delivers a fantastic mix that blends raw and powerful with melodic and catchy in pure energy. The vocals are incredibly passionate, sincere and diverse, fitting absolutely well to the heavy issues the songs deal with.

While the first album Disgusting mainly revolves around the pain and despair resulting from severe depression and definitely captures expierencing what that feels like really, really well. The second album Aggressive has a more positive, more hopeful attitude and is more focused with moving on from that. I like both of them very much. When you’re just about to crash, already screaming internally, this is the stuff to listen to.

Also, the song Sick and Disgusting is one of the most heart-wrenching songs I’ve ever listened to.