I’m not sure this series even needs any more promotion but in case anyone has still not seen it or even heard of it, I supremely recommend it. Legion is one the absolute greatest series I’ve laid my eyes on in a while, possibly ever.
While it is technically a part of Marvel’s X-Men universe, its approach is very different from everything Marvel has ever put on screen. The series follows David Haller, who has grown up believed to be schizophrenic but turns out to be a psychic mutant with an incredibly complex mess of a mind. Before you know it, you won’t know what the hell is going on anymore in the best possible way. It’s a brilliant new take on the genre that plays with your mind while fantastically portraying that of its characters. Watch it!


Mr. Robot

A depressed vigilante hacker with severe social anxiety whose mind is slowly coming apart meets a mysterious hacker group with big plans.
Exciting, intelligent, heavy, awesome! I really, really like this show, hooked since the first episode.

Do you know more than me? That wouldn’t be fair. My imaginary friend knowing more than me.