Mr. Robot

A depressed vigilante hacker with severe social anxiety whose mind is slowly coming apart meets a mysterious hacker group with big plans.
Exciting, intelligent, heavy, awesome! I really, really like this show, hooked since the first episode.

Do you know more than me? That wouldn’t be fair. My imaginary friend knowing more than me.



There has hardly ever been a song that I could relate to this much. It hits so painfully close to home.

The National is a downright incredible band. They always tend to break my fall when I’m not doing so well. So sincerely melancholic yet full of life, always giving you the feeling it’s okay somehow. It’s still life and there’s still beauty in it.

Their music is so calm, yet intense and energetic at the same time. With awesome instrumentals, Matt’s grand voice and those bleak/hopeful lyrics, they definitely have become one of my favorite bands over the last years. Especially for their last two albums. Take a peek.

Also, don’t mind the band name (“The name of our band was meant to mean nothing”).

Eyes Lose Their Fire

Well… it’s a beautiful song. What can I say? Just listen…

Edit: After getting into this band more, I have to say Kyte is an amazing Band. The music is so calming and unique. Definitely have a listen to their other songs!