Finding a way.
It’s what we all want in one way or the other. And this song, not only is this one of the best and beautiful songs I have ever heard, it expresses these two things, these longings, this desire, so fantastically well. It’s so immensely hopeful, powerful and sincere. I can only hope you will like this nearly as much as I do. I love this band and I believe this song’s really easy to appreciate even if someone doesn’t like the general style of their music.
Oh, and I advise everyone to listen to this on headphones. Just take a minute, relax and listen.


Escaping Oblivion

I’ve been feeling like explaining the “why” of all this in a little more detail, since I find myself thinking about it quite a lot. Why spill your heart and soul into blogs, songs, videos, et cetera?
For one thing, it’s creative. And all talk of quality aside, it feels good to create something. Something someone else might enjoy, something that might help someone, something that might make someone not feel so alone.
Which leads me to another point. Connection. We want to connect to one another but we struggle to communicate. We long for sympathy and for someone to understand us. But it’s hard to empathize and find empathy. Because we rarely feel the same. It’s where writing and especially music comes into play. But I’m gonna write about that in another post.
Then, of course, there’s all the writings, songs, videos, and so many other things, that instill inspiration, convey knowledge and wisdom, push for something more. In a sense, all these motivations are in one way or another interconnected.
But ultimately, one that I, and I believe so many of us, so tightly hold; a thing we so desparately try to reach for, is to be known. To have, or to create that place where I can put all that I am, all I dream, all I fear, and all that I love, into something that doesn’t fall on deaf ears, that is not so carelessly overlooked, not so easily disregarded; out of sight, out of mind.
So that it can be acknowledged. And I can be true to myself; honestly be myself. I really wish it was easier. To let you know. Who I am, what I’ve been through, make you feel it; understand it. So, I can find a way; to go on from here. But it just seems so completely out of reach. I am everchanging. My thoughts rushing and turning, like waves in a storm. I’m drifting.
So I shout it out into the world, as loud as I can: All that I am, every part of my being. So that it keeps reverberating, hopefully endlessly, with the hope that it might find someone who sincerely, true-heartedly listens. Having it resonate in their heart, mind and bones.



The Walking (and talking) Dead – Lip Syncing Parodies

I always loved lip syncing parodies. They’ve been around since forever and there are some seriously brilliant and high-quality ones out there. One of the greatest producers of that hilarious nonsense is the channel Bad Lip Reading on YouTube. About two years ago I stumbled across their lip syncing parody of AMC’s The Walking Dead and it’s still one of the greatest and funniest I’ve ever seen.
Also, right on time for the release of the new Star Wars movie they just did a video for each episode of the classic trilogy.  If you like that stuff I recommend their parodies on Game of Thrones, Twilight,the NFL and of course the other Walking Dead videos. Have fun!


Bastion and Transistor

Bastion and Transistor are two really really great games developed by the small studio Supergiant Games. They are both action RPGs with similar gameplay, yet both games have completely different settings, except that both worlds are, in one way or the other, falling apart.
While Bastion takes place in a fantasy kinda steampunk world, Transistor plays in a sort of cyber world. Both worlds are shrouded in mystery as are the storylines, adding to the immersion and atmosphere.
The gameplay in both games consists of a nice variety of combinable abilities and weapons and it’s both similar and very different at the same time for each of them.
The voice-over in both games is brilliant, it often made me smile, especially the way it is applied. Also brilliant is the fantastic and detailed artwork. And then there’s the soundtrack. It. Is. Beautiful. I love the music in these games. Together with the voice over, the artwork and gameplay, it all gives these games so much character. So, if you like videogames, I absolutely, highly recommend these two.
At last, here’s a bit of the awesome soundtrack by Darren Korb (both games’ soundtracks are). If you play the game though, you should experience the songs in-game first, because, in a way, they are also a part of the story.

Look, whatever you’re thinking, do me a favor; don’t let go.

Looking Too Closely

I first heard this song in an episode of Suits (pretty awesome show by the way) and it had been stuck in my head for weeks. Melancholy at its best. If it would have been released earlier it’d probably have been on the soundtrack of Scrubs.

In Memory

I think the saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy because they know what it’s like to feel absolutely worthless and they don’t want anyone else to feel like that.
—Robin Williams

I just again stumbled upon this quote and it reminded me of this really heartfelt tribute video by Chris Stuckman. He does really good movie reviews on youtube, not usually talking about personal stuff, but makes an exception to talk about the impact Robin Williams and his works had on his life and what they meant to him.


If you like beautiful scenery, it seems you can never go wrong with Iceland. The landscape is breathtakingly stunning and mystic as if carved right out of some fantasy movie. I think this video captures that quite perfectly.