Sleeping At Last

So, here’s another really beautiful music project that I just luckily ran into and I guess I’ve only discovered the tip of the iceberg with this great collection of songs that is called Atlas but wow, this is beautiful. These songs encapsulate the vastness of the stars in a beating heart, emanating light and warmth.
I love all this music I’m finding lately, seeking to mend all that breaks in us and comfort all our sad and heavy hearts. Be well, everyone!

Amber Run

The last of the three wonderful indie bands I found a few weeks ago, losing myself in that part of YouTube that is an endless well of pain, hope, loss and longing. Fittingly, one of Amber Run’s songs is called I Found and its music video tells part of a bigger story. For now, I’ll just leave you with the stunning acoustic version.


While I actually stumbled upon Kodaline before Seafret (see my previous post), I actually saw their music video starring another actor from Game of Thrones after I watched Seafret’s. Funny coincidence. Also, I initially clicked on the first video I saw from Kodaline because it starred Christopher Mintz-Plasse, whom you might know from Superbad or Kick-Ass, in a surprisingly heartfelt and serious role.
Alright, enough with my movie and tv show obsessions. Kodaline actually deal with a lot of similar themes as Seafret and their songs feel just as passionate. With a good amount of pain and hope, at its core they often have themes of hardships and life-changing tragedies and finally overcoming them.
Both these songs and their respective music videos are sad and wonderful and as heart-wrenching as they are, they really lighten some bad days. I also recommend listening to their songs The Answer and One Day, all of these are off their first album In A Perfect World.

The music video beneath actually has a second part that continues the story, though with the same song playing.


So, I recently once again lost myself in that wonderful part of YouTube that is wholly comprised of heartfelt indie music, a place that just always seems like one of the few where people in the comments are actually positive and kind to each other.
But anyway, that is where I discovered Seafret. The band actually only consists of two young guys, who met at an open mike night back in 2011 and have only just released their debut album Tell Me It’s Real, which these two songs are from, last year. It’s a pretty young band, which you might not suspect after listening to the weight of these full-fledged, beautiful, heavy-hearted songs, full of distance, pain and loss.
It’s also pretty cool that one of their equally beautiful music videos stars Maisie Williams, best known for playing a pretty awesome character in the amazing tv show Game of Thrones.


It’s a heavy coating of melancholy that lies on most of Daughter’s songs, yet they still manage to have a lightness about them. Beautiful and bleak with rays of light shining through.
I highly recommend The Wild Youth EP and their first album If You Leave.

Also, rain always goes perfectly with this kind of music: rainy mood.

Hotel Books


There’s something about spoken-word music that I really love. It’s  expression at its rawest, which, combined with calm and somber music, creates something truly powerful.

I just came across Hotel Books yesterday and it’s a perfect example for what I mean. See for yourself. Prepare to be punched in the feels.