Pyramids of Salt

The latest single from The Wonder Years. Such a raw, sad, haunting, beautiful song.

I drew a line in the sand

with these goddamn worthless hands

I drew a line in the sand

you washed it away


No Closer To Heaven

So, No Closer To Heaven is the latest album that I just keep coming back to, by a band that I’ve only now just discovered for myself: The Wonder Years.

These songs tell stories of loss, outrage and helplessness, packing a punch between hooks, choirs and quiet parts that… well …punch you in the heart. It’s a beautiful, stirring, energetic mix that gets better with every time I listen to it.

We’re no saviors

If we can’t save our brothers

My favorite song so far is this one: Thanks For The Ride. A song about a friend who fell into a coma after a car crash and, after several years, eventually died. The song imagines what her life would have been like if she would have woken up.

The chorus also reminds me of Hannah Baker from 13 Reasons Why, which makes it twice as sad for me.

Had a bit of light today, so I felt like sharing this. An old song I first heard on Scrubs, a wonderful show with a wonderful soundtrack.

The Comfort

If you like this, definitely check out the EP Love by The Comfort.

The world still feels a bit colder since we lost Chester Bennington, whose voice I listened to since I was ten. And I fear people will forget all too quickly and will have gained very little awareness of what it is that drives people to take their own lives.
Be aware. Don’t forget.
These sad and heavy songs we listen to relate the struggles of real people. Don’t forget that. Try to understand.
And to everyone struggling, I can only say: Stay strong.

Body Thief

It’s been a while but who keeps track anyway.
It’s been turbulent.
So, here’s my latest discovery: Body Thief. Emotionally, melodically driven with a whole lot of energy. Great music for weathering the storms.

Sleeping At Last

So, here’s another really beautiful music project that I just luckily ran into and I guess I’ve only discovered the tip of the iceberg with this great collection of songs that is called Atlas but wow, this is beautiful. These songs encapsulate the vastness of the stars in a beating heart, emanating light and warmth.
I love all this music I’m finding lately, seeking to mend all that breaks in us and comfort all our sad and heavy hearts. Be well, everyone!