I’ve never been much of a fan of electronic music, mostly because what I value about music is passion and sincerity — that it comes from the heart. And a lot of it does not appeal to me because it doesn’t seem to have much or any substance.
Now, while I have been listening to more and more music with stronger electronic components in recent years, CHVRCHES is the first band with an entirely electronic instrumental section that really stood out to me. And that is mainly because of the great vocals and lyrics by lead singer Lauren Mayberry, which are excellently complemented by Iain Cook’s and Martin Doherty’s (he also takes the role of lead singer on a few occasions) electronic rhythms and melodies.
Their music is full of character, emotion and positive drive and both their albums are definitely worth giving a listen to. Hope you enjoy it!

PS: It’s hard to pick a favourite here, so I’m going with the first one I ever listened to. Enjoy!

PPS: This may be the first really happy music I discovered and liked in ages.


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