Three Chord Society

A few days ago I’d been writing about the myspace times and how they showed me all these lesser known bands with so much potential. And while it was really cool, seeing and listening to all these bands, it was at the same time pretty discouraging and just went to show how unfair it is, trying to make music with passion and stay afloat doing it.
Not only because I too had been in band for quite some time (that one actually crashed before it ever really got going…). In fact I always saw it with the band my second oldest brother has been playing in with some friends of his (who over the years also became friends of mine). For the about 13 years they exist now, they’ve always been up there with my favorite bands. Not (only) because I know these people personally, it is genuinely really awesome passionate music. And even though they made so much progress over the years, getting way out there, playing with a lot of awesome bands, putting so much work and energy into it, it’s still so hard for a band like that to keep it going.
But afterall, all these songs, all the concerts and everything around it, it’s part of me today (for the better I should add). I love this band.
[And no, I’m not gonna post one of the old, old songs that I still love and half the band inexplicably hates 😉 ]
I couldn’t decide between these two, so here are both. Hope, you like it.


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