I’m a Mess

Back when myspace was still all the rage, you didn’t have to keep looking for cool new bands, good music would actually come to you. I remember having this typed out list of my favorite bands on my profile and bands just constantly adding you, like “Hey, we saw the stuff you listen to and thought you might like our music.” And I was kind of surprised and somewhat amazed at how many great bands were out there, all over the world, that were known so little but actually made really cool music.
Destination Anywhere was one of these bands. They’ve been the soundtrack to quite a few summers, with all the roadtrips and long nights, all the messing about and all the hangovers (well, those were actually rare back then but Destination Anywhere’s Welcome to Hangover still was a lot of fun). And also, unlike a lot of the bands from back then, they’re actually still around and I still like their music a lot. This is one of my favorite songs by them.


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