Bastion and Transistor

Bastion and Transistor are two really really great games developed by the small studio Supergiant Games. They are both action RPGs with similar gameplay, yet both games have completely different settings, except that both worlds are, in one way or the other, falling apart.
While Bastion takes place in a fantasy kinda steampunk world, Transistor plays in a sort of cyber world. Both worlds are shrouded in mystery as are the storylines, adding to the immersion and atmosphere.
The gameplay in both games consists of a nice variety of combinable abilities and weapons and it’s both similar and very different at the same time for each of them.
The voice-over in both games is brilliant, it often made me smile, especially the way it is applied. Also brilliant is the fantastic and detailed artwork. And then there’s the soundtrack. It. Is. Beautiful. I love the music in these games. Together with the voice over, the artwork and gameplay, it all gives these games so much character. So, if you like videogames, I absolutely, highly recommend these two.
At last, here’s a bit of the awesome soundtrack by Darren Korb (both games’ soundtracks are). If you play the game though, you should experience the songs in-game first, because, in a way, they are also a part of the story.

Look, whatever you’re thinking, do me a favor; don’t let go.


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