All is Well

Radical Face is wonderful stories mixed with incredible music, combined to be hauntingly beautiful.

In his songs Ben Cooper paints breathtaking imagery, full of long forgotten people and haunting places. Stories of ghosts of those that could never let go and the wanderers that could never stay. Before I stumbled upon his wonderful music I had never heard anything like it.
So melancholic, full of sorrow and desparate longing, yet so hopeful. It helped me through some bad times. It gives you the feeling that everything’s okay somehow. Whatever happens, it’s all part of story.

I’m sure there would be something missing in my life, hadn’t I stumbled upon it. On top of that Ben is also is a really awesome down-to-earth guy, something I always cherish about the artists I like.
Here’s a piece of the lyrics from “Touch The Sky” by Radical Face. This song just makes you tear up over childhood memories:

And I believed the stars were wishes
I believed the world was good
I believed things hid in the dark
And that all would turn out just how it should
I believed in all your stories
I believed you’d never lie
I believed if I could climb the trees behind the house,
I’d touch the sky


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